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CSU Transfer Road Maps
For transfer students who are uncertain about which CSU campus they will attend, the CSU Transfer Road Maps provide an academic roadmap of courses that are commonly accepted among most CSU campuses and that will ensure appropriate academic preparation.

The number of units you have completed at the time you enter a CSU determines the admission standards that will apply to your application. The majority of transfer students enter as upper-division transfers. Upper-division transfers must complete at least 60 semester or 90 quarter units before transfer.

The statewide road maps comprise of 39 semester units for CSU General Education (GE) breadth or 37 units of Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) coursework and approximately 6 semester units of major coursework (that is acceptable at the widest possible selection of CSU campuses.)

The remaining units of the 60-unit upper division transfer curriculum consist of campus-specific lower-division major coursework or elective credits. The CSU campus discipline-related coursework can be found on the CSU campus program web page, college catalog or on

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Admission Requirements

- Overview
Upper Division
- Grade Requirements
- General Education
- Good Standing
Lower Division
- Grade Requirements
- General Education
- Good Standing
General Education
- GE Breadth
- CCC Certification
- Impaction
- Second Bachelor's
- International Students
- Educational
  Opportunity Program
- English Language
- Residency

Finances (Financial Aid - Cost)

Graduation Requirements

- American Institutions

- Elective Courses
- Additional Info
- English Language

Planning Tools

- Tips for Transfer

- CCC AA-T or AS-T

- Transfer Planner
- Transfer Student

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