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Lower Division Transfer Requirements

Please be aware that most CSU campuses do not admit lower-division transfer students.

If you have completed 59 or fewer semester units or 89 or fewer quarter transferable units by the time you plan to enter a CSU, you are considered a lower-division applicant. To make admission decisions, CSU admission offices look at the following:

  • The a-g courses completed in high school and grades earned.*
  • Graduation from high school.
  • Your college courses and grades.
  • Whether you are in good standing at the last college or university attended.

Some campuses will also expect you to complete, with a "C" or better, general education classes in English composition and general education mathematics prior to admission.

If you did not complete the 15-unit pattern of college preparatory subjects required for freshman admission while in high school, you must make up the deficiencies. Full details are in the high school section.

If you are a lower-division student and do not meet the eligibility index from high school, we recommend that you continue your education at a California community college and complete the upper division transfer requirements of 60 or more transferable semester units (90 or more quarter units) before attempting to transfer to a CSU campus.

Lower Division Grade Requirement

Admission Requirements

- Overview
Upper Division
- Grade Requirements
- General Education
- Good Standing
Lower Division
- Grade Requirements
- General Education
- Good Standing
General Education
- GE Breadth
- CCC Certification
- Impaction
- Second Bachelor's
- International Students
- Educational
  Opportunity Program
- English Language
- Residency

Finances (Financial Aid - Cost)

Graduation Requirements

- American Institutions

- Elective Courses
- Additional Info
- English Language

Planning Tools

- Tips for Transfer

- CCC AA-T or AS-T

- Transfer Planner
- Transfer Student

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