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Frequently Asked Questions - University Selection

Which is the best CSU campus for me?

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:
  • What are your academic and professional ambitions?
  • If you know what your ambitions are and what your major will be, does the campus offer courses in that area?
  • Do you prefer attending a small campus versus a larger one?
  • Do you prefer a campus in a big city, or one that is in a rural community?
  • If you enjoy an extracurricular activity or particular varsity sport or sports, does the campus offer it?
If you know the answers to these questions, you can immediately find the campus(es) that are right for you by using the Matching Assistant. If you wish to compare all 23 CSU campuses according to the criteria you select, use the Comparative View.

You can also obtain general information and some ideas of what the campus looks like. In addition, you can also view a campusí website. If you wish to visit a campus yourself, you can arrange to take a campus tour.

If you are not sure of a major, go to to learn about career planning and or to learn more about majors.

How can I get information about a specific campus?

You may write to a specific CSU campus (click here for a directory of CSU campuses), or you can get information online. The campus directory also includes links to CSU campus websites. To find a campus that is right for you based on certain criteria, use the Matching Assistant, or if you wish to see a list that compares all 23 campuses, use the Comparative View. You can also obtain information by using the Campus Facts.

When are campus tours offered and how do I arrange for a campus tour? Should I visit?

Select a campus from the menu to see an answer, or click here to see a complete list.

What do students say about their experiences at CSU?

Select a campus from the menu to see an answer, or click here to see a complete list.

What are my housing options? (on- and off-campus, cost, roommate selection, tours)

The housing application process is separate from the university's admission process. Applicants are encouraged to contact the housing office of each campus for campus-specific eligibility requirements.

Select a campus from the menu to see an answer, or click here to see a complete list.

Where can I obtain information about campus graduation rates?

Information about graduation rates is available from each campus.

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