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Frequently Asked Questions - Freshman Admission

Application Process

Information for Freshmen

How do I apply?

It's easy to apply. Simply complete the 2017-2018 California State University Undergraduate Application for Admission. The application is available online at this site (Admission Application) or by downloading in PDF format, completing it, and mailing it directly to the CSU campus to which you are applying. You can also complete the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Supplemental Application online.

When do I apply?

A list of initial filing period dates for the 2017-2018 Admission Application can be found here.

After the initial application period, campuses continue to accept applications on a space-available basis. For high-demand (impacted) majors, you must file during the initial filing period. Filing your application during the initial filing period is strongly encouraged for all applicants to facilitate your attending your campus of choice.

What if I miss the initial filing period?

Some campuses will continue to accept applications after the initial filing period, though many will not. In addition, if you are applying to a high-demand (impacted) major at any CSU campus, then you must file during the initial filing period. Be sure to check the Application Status page for the campus(es) in which you are interested to learn more about application filing periods, closed majors, and impacted programs.

Where do I send my application?

When you complete your application online, your completed admission application will be routed automatically to the campus(es) of your choice. Paper applications must be sent to the admission office at the campus(es) to which you are applying. The application booklet contains the campus mailing addresses. Online application is the preferred method for the submission of the CSU admission application.

How much does it cost to apply?

Each admission application you file requires a $55 application fee. This fee is nonrefundable and may not be transferred to another term.

What if I can't afford the application fee?

In case of financial hardship, campuses allow a limited number of application fee waivers for residents of California. If you file the admission application via CSUMentor, the fee waiver request is included in the online system as part of the application process. You will be notified at the time you apply online if you qualify for the fee waiver. In situations where the online application is unable to determine your eligibility for a fee waiver, you will need to submit the Request for Application Fee Waiver directly to the campus admission office(s). The campus will inform you if you do not qualify for the fee waiver. Only California residents are eligible for application fee waivers and may use up to a maximum of four fee waivers.

In addition to the application, what other documents will I need to provide?

The campus to which you are applying will provide information about when to submit your official high school transcript. Transcripts must be received in sealed envelopes directly from the high school from which you will or have graduated.

When will I know if I am admitted?

Each campus has its own timeline for notifying students of admission. Some campuses begin notifying applicants of an admission decision soon after the receipt of an application and all necessary documents. Other campuses notify all applicants at the same time. It is not uncommon for there to be a several-month period before admission decisions are mailed to applicants.

How can I improve my chances for admission?

The key to improving your chances for admission is under your control. Working hard, earning good grades, and taking the right classes will improve your chances for admission. Taking either an SAT or ACT on a timely basis is also helpful. Remember that you must meet the minimum CSU admission requirements, but high-demand majors and competitive admission campuses may require higher standards.

Am I automatically eligible for housing if I apply for admission and am admitted?

No. The housing application is separate. Be sure to contact the campus housing office when you apply for admission to request housing information since housing at some campuses is limited.

How do I retrieve my application confirmation number?

  • Go to
  • Click on the tab "Apply Online"
  • Click on "undergraduate admission application" (or "graduate admission application" if you submitted a graduate application)
  • Click on the link representing the term/year for which you applied. e.g. Spring 2013
  • Enter your "username" and "password" in the grey "returning users" box on the right hand side of the screen. Click the button, "logon"
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen that comes up and click on the link for the "application already submitted" that corresponds to the correct term/year
    • Click on the box under the "Action" column labeled "view application confirmation"
  • You can click on the red link at the top "If you wish to print out a copy of the information you submitted in this application for your records only. Click here."
    • This will allow you to print a summary of your application including the application confirmation number.

Do I need to pass the High School Exit exam to be eligible for admission?

Freshman applicants must submit a final transcript showing that they graduated from high school. The transcript of an applicant who fails to pass the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) will NOT show that the student has graduated. As a result, the applicant is not eligible to attend a CSU as a first time freshman.

How do I get more information from the campus?

Campuses are eager to provide you with more information about their campuses. You can use this site to link to the campus website to obtain more information. Campuses also appreciate letters or emails asking for more information. Best of all, if you can, be sure to visit the campuses in which you are interested and take a campus tour.

What's an impacted program?

An impacted major or program is one where more applications are received from eligible students during the initial filing period than the campus can enroll. These high-demand majors or programs will have additional admission criteria above the minimum CSU admissions standards. Several campuses across the CSU have impacted programs. If you are interested in applying to one of these impacted programs, be sure to file an admission application during the initial filing period.

Which programs and campuses are impacted?

Most CSU have some impacted majors that require additional admission criteria. Generally, the majors remain the same from one year to the next, but the criteria are subject to change, and you should contact the campus directly for the most current information.

Detailed information about the 2016-2017 CSU impacted campuses and majors can be accessed at

Can I earn college credit while still attending high school?

Yes, all campuses will allow you to earn credit toward your degree. You can earn college credit for completing AP examinations with a score of 3 or better or by passing higher-level International Baccalaureate examinations with passes of 4 or higher. You can also take college courses while in high school and, generally, they may be counted toward your college degree.

What are the basic freshman admission requirements?

The CSU uses a combination of your high school grade point average (GPA) and your score on either an SAT or ACT. Your GPA and test score are added together to compute an Eligibility Index. The requirements for an out-of-state nonresident student are higher than the requirements for California residents. A chart showing the California resident Eligibility Index and nonresident Eligibility Index is available for your reference. Remember, the indices in these tables are the minimum scores. Higher GPA and test scores may be required for admission to high-demand majors and campuses.

Eligibility Index - California Residents
Eligibility Index - Nonresidents

How can I find out about financial aid?

There are a number of places on CSUMentor with financial aid information. For general information visit Financial Aid Overview; if you have additional questions visit the Financial Aid section of the FAQ.

Can I get my SAT scores sent directly to CSUMentor?

Yes, by inputting the CSUMentor code of 3594 on the SAT score report form, any CSU campus of your choice will receive your SAT scores.

Must I submit the SAT or ACT Writing scores for admission?

The CSU collects but does not use the Writing Scores on the ACT or SAT for admission decisions.

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