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Sonoma State University

Sonoma State University
1801 East Cotati Avenue
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Official telephone: (707) 664-2880

Website: www.sonoma.edu

Screen last updated on: March 2, 2015

The admissions information below is valid for the 2015-16 academic year.

Sonoma State University
Admissions officer: Natalie Kalogiannis,
Interim Director of Admissions
Contacting the office: 707 664-2778
707 664-2060 (fax)

Is there an application deadline for fall? yes
Priority filing date for fall: Oct 1 to Nov 30
Final filing date for fall: Nov 30
Freshmen are accepted for terms other than fall: yes
Percent of freshmen who enter in terms other than fall: 1%
Application fee: $55
Can the application fee be waived? yes
Are refunds available on the application fee? no
Is the Common Application form accepted? no
Supplemental forms required for those using Common Application: no
Admissions requirements:
Admission to Sonoma State University is competitive. Sonoma State University receives more applications than we can accommodate.

The following are the minimum requirements for admission:

Subject requirements must be completed with grades of C or better:
US History / Social Science - 4 semesters (including 2 semesters of US History or US History / Government)
English - 8 semesters
Math - 6 semesters (Algebra, Geometry & Intermediate Algebra)
Lab Science - 4 semesters (2 Physical / 2 Biological both with lab)
Foreign Language - 4 semesters (same language)
Visual / Performing Arts - 2 semesters (2nd semester must be a continuation of the 1st semester)
Electives - 2 semesters

Eligibility Index:
Minimum SAT eligibility index for California residents is 2900 using 10th thru 12th grade college prep GPA and SAT Critical Reading and Math scores. Non-California residents must have a minimum 3502 index.
Minimum ACT eligibility index for California residents is 694 using 10th thru 12th grade college prep GPA and ACT composite score. Non-California residents must have a minimum 842 index.

Note: Some majors require additional admissions criteria.
High school graduation is: required, GED is accepted
A general college preparatory program is: required
Campus visit is: recommended
Standardized test requirements: SAT or ACT required, SAT Subject Test not used
School's test preference: no preference
Aside from admissions, test scores are used for: placement
Dates test scores should be received: December 31 for SAT/ACT
High school units required or recommended:
English: 4 required
Foreign language: 2 required
Lab: 2 required
Math: 3 required
Social studies: 2 required
Academic electives: 1 required
Other: 1 required
Total: 15 required
Special requirements for admission to specific programs:
  • Audition required of music program applicants.
  • The following majors may require a supplemental questionnaire or departmental review:
    Criminology & Criminal Justice Studies
Special programs/policies for applicants not normally admissible: EOP
School has formalized early decision program: no
School has early action program: no
School has concurrent enrollment program for high school: no

Academic criteria:
  • secondary school report very important
  • class rank not considered
  • recommendations not considered
  • standardized test scores very important
  • essay not considered
Nonacademic criteria:
  • interview not considered
  • extracurricular activities not considered
  • particular talent/ability considered
  • character/personal qualities not considered
  • alumni/ae relationship not considered
  • geographical residence considered
  • state residency considered
  • religious affiliation/commitment not considered
  • minority affiliation not considered
  • volunteer work not considered
  • work experience not considered
Average secondary school GPA: 3.20
Percent of freshmen who submitted GPA: 100%
Combined SAT middle 50% range: 450 - 560
Combined ACT middle 50% range: 19 - 24
Test taken by majority of applicants: SAT
Percent of accepted applicants who submitted SAT scores: 93%
Percent of accepted applicants who submitted ACT score: 37%

Notification of admission: on a rolling basis, Notification is rolling starting in December with a notification termination date of March 31, 2015.
Acceptance of admission: must accept by May 1

Number of completed applications received: 14,442
Number of applicants offered admission: 11,583 (80%)
Number of applicants offered admission who enrolled: 1,812 (16%)
School has a waiting list policy: yes
Number of students put on waiting list: 200
Tuition deposit amount: $200, partially refundable May 1; 50% refundable if request is made in writing prior to the May 1st deadline for the fall term and December 15th for the spring term.
Room deposit amount: $400, partially refundable May 1; 50% refundable if request is made in writing prior to the May 1st deadline for the fall term and December 15th for the spring term.
Admission may be deferred: no

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