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Read Before You Complete This Application

Please review the IP flyer for your overseas center (country) and program before you begin to complete the application. Pay particular attention to the Eligibility Requirements as published on the IP website, as well as the information about the academic program. If you have questions, please see your IP coordinator on your home CSU campus.

How to Complete This Application

Take care in completing all parts of the application. A clean application will reflect your seriousness of purpose. Please avoid abbreviations and caps lock (when possible). Fill in every item; incomplete applications cannot be considered.

Once complete, click the "Submit" button either on the left menu or on the bottom of the last screen. Remember that it will be judged at the statewide level by people who will not have the chance to meet you in person, so you should make as effective a presentation of your qualifications as possible.

Online application
  • On screen 4 you will be asked to identify your CSU class level. If you are graduating this May or June, be sure to select the "Graduate" option or your application may be denied for failure to clarify your degree objective.
  • On screen 8 there is space for your statement of purpose. Follow the instructions carefully. You may produce your statement of purpose using a word processor and then copy and paste it into the online field.

Second choice
You may be considered for a second choice of program or overseas center in the event that you are not selected for your first choice. To request this, select your desired second choice program on screen 4 (you will be required to complete additional information on screen 6 of this application). Be sure to discuss both your first and second choices in your statement of purpose on screen 8.

Faculty recommendations
When you complete the IP application online, you will be instructed to print out paper copies of the faculty recommendation forms to deliver to your professors.
  1. Faculty recommendations – You must have two college instructors who are familiar with your recent academic work complete faculty recommendation forms for you. One recommendation form must come from a faculty member or graduate teaching assistant in your major department (minor where relevant). Do not request recommendations from employers, university staff, or administrators who have not had you as a student in a course.
  2. Foreign language faculty recommendation – This recommendation is required from students who will be studying at the intermediate and advanced levels in the host country's language, including all native speakers, for Chile, China, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain and Taiwan. (Not required of students in beginning, “Learn Language” programs or those applying for Japan.)

When you ask your professors if they would be willing to complete a recommendation for you, take time to familiarize them with the IP program. It may be helpful to give them a copy of the IP country flyer. It is your responsibility to make sure that all faculty recommendations are received by December 15 (May 1 for Australia and South Africa). You should collect your recommendations from your professors and submit them to the IP Coordinator on your CSU campus.

You must request and submit official transcripts from each university or college you have attended, reflecting grades through fall term (spring term for Australia and South Africa). Be sure to check that they have been received by your IP Coordinator, as your application will be considered incomplete without them. Transcript requests may take three to four weeks to process, so take this into consideration in order to meet the deadline. Your current CSU campus cannot provide copies of transcripts from other institutions.

Financial aid
If you plan to apply for financial aid, do not wait to hear about your acceptance to IP before applying. The earlier you see a financial aid counselor and complete your application file, the better your chances of receiving aid. On most campuses, there is a designated counselor who works with IP students.

All applicants are advised to apply for their passports immediately! You must submit a copy of your passport to your IP coordinator by January 15 (May 1 for Australia and South Africa). Because of the time involved in obtaining a passport, applicants are strongly advised to apply for one even before selection results are known. You can apply for or renew your U.S. passport, which is good for ten years, at designated county courts, authorized U.S. Post Offices, or the federal passport agencies in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Also see: travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html. Passports must be valid for at least six months longer than your intended stay abroad.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, investigate the visa procedure of your host country to see if there are special requirements that apply to you. This can usually be obtained by contacting the country's local consulate (see "Consulates" in the yellow pages). You should also renew your home country passport now, if necessary. Passports must be valid for at least six months longer than your intended stay abroad.

After You Turn In All Application Materials

After your application file is complete, you will participate in a personal interview with faculty members at your CSU campus. The IP coordinator at your campus will let you know when and where your interview will take place.

Following the campus interview, applications are reviewed by the central Office of International Programs staff and by a statewide faculty committee which makes the final selection. For most programs, results will be sent in early March to the current mailing address given on your application. For Australia and South Africa, results will be sent in mid August.

What to Expect After Selection to IP

With your acceptance, you will receive details about IP policies, course offerings, and the steps to take to prepare yourself for departure. You should be aware of the following items in advance:
  1. Payment – The payment of prepaid costs is due by May 15; November 15 for Australia and South Africa. Prepaid costs are defined on the IP website for your country and program.
  2. Visas – Beware that most students will be required to apply for a student visa before traveling abroad. A visa is an endorsement or stamp placed in your passport by a foreign government that permits you to enter that country for a specific purpose. Visa instructions will be sent to you should you be selected. Students should not make travel plans until after acceptance. Students going to countries, which require them to obtain a student visa, should not plan to travel during the summer prior to the published departures dates. Your presence in California (or your home state) may be mandatory for visa application purposes.

Additional Information

For additional information regarding the IP program as well as contact information for your campus-IP coordinator, please click here.

Browser Popup Window Notice

Please be aware that this online application makes use of popups to display information, instructions, or for answering questions on certain screens. If your browser is set to block popups, or you are using a third-party popup blocking tool, please configure your system to allow popups on CSUMentor. For more information regarding making these browser changes, please consult your software's documentation or help for instructions.

Contact Us

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Telephone: 562-951-4790
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